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Cost of Driveway Sealcoating in San Diego

Cost of Driveway Sealcoating in San Diego

Driveway sealcoating is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended if you’re a homeowner who’s in the market to protect & beautify their exterior property. Sealcoating adds many years of value to the pavement or asphalt, enhances the appearance, and adds value, which is great for any homeowner who plans to sell their property. But, how much money does sealcoating san diego ca cost?

No two people spend the same amount of money to sealcoat their driveway. A few factors influence the costs of the job, including:

·    The size of driveway

·    Company chosen to complete the work

·    Sealcoating preferences

·    Specials/deals/discounts

Rest assured the money spent to sealcoat the driveway is well-spent and ensure that you get the most from the material. Why not spend a little bit of cash to provide outstanding value to the exterior? Sealcoating improves the look and charm of the home’s exterior, adds lifetime and value, and more.

Typically, sealcoating costs between .10 – .21 cents per square foot. The average driveway is around 1,000 foot, making the grand total of the job $160 – $221. If your driveway is larger, obviously the costs increase. Consider this couple hundred bucks among the best that you’ll ever spend to protect your home.

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It’s best that you compare the options before choosing a sealcoating provider. It’s free and easy to compare the options and when you compare, it’s easy to find the provider who offers the best prices and best services, too.

Sealcoating is a simple service that has so many substantial benefits for your home that you are sure to enjoy as much as the thousands of others who use the service. Don’t miss out on the perks any longer and schedule sealcoating sooner rather than later.