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Long-Term Durable Benefits Of Hydro Testing Pump

Long-Term Durable Benefits Of Hydro Testing Pump

Hydro testing pumps are designed to endure long lifespans. The hydrostatic test pump is also expected to be dependable. The testing pumps are designed to reliably test new and repaired water mains and sewerage networks. The pumps are built for endurance and long-term performance maintenance.

Key features of the hydrostatic test pump are as follows. It is able to manage a set chlorine solution quantity. It has a unique manifold system installed. A bypass relief valve is also installed. Furthermore, a damper diaphragm is built in as well. The entire system is designed to withstand liquid and moisture entries and can operate completely dry.

At this stage, the hydrostatic test pump is available to property owners and municipal managers in two sizes. The chlorine solution remains important. The pump can also be utilized to pump chlorinated water into a water mains or sewerage system for purification purposes. The chlorine solution is limited to ten percent.

hydrostatic test pump

Diaphragms and seals installed are rated to this minimum exposure. The unique manifold system is engineered and has reduced the number of fittings required to the plumbing works of the hydro testing pumps. The result of this is that there will be fewer leakage points and, subsequently, fewer breakdowns. Also, repair and maintenance work, when necessary, is easier to complete.

The bypass relief valve removes pressure from the pump during its engine start-up. This also protects the valve’s seat from sticking. The damper diaphragm eliminates so-called bursting damage at any time that pressure needs to be applied to the inlet inside of the pump. Diaphragm pumps have been designed to run dry. This further protects the pumping system’s parts and components.

A standard hydro pump is built with a Honda engine. But users also have the option of the Briggs & Stratton design.